Race and Pandemics

“What the epidemic clearly shows is that the state of exception, to which governments have long familiarised us, has become the normal condition. Men have become so accustomed to living in a state of permanent crisis that they do not seem to realize that their life has been reduced to a purely biological condition and has lost not only its political dimension but also any human dimension. A society that lives in a permanent state emergency cannot be a free society. We live in a society that has sacrificed its freedom for so-called “reasons of security” and has thus been condemned to live continuously in a state of fear and insecurity.” Giorgio Agamben, “Normalising The State of Exception Under The Covid-19 Epidemic.”

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The video below is intended to familiarize those interested with the intersection of race and pandemics, and the ways that technologies that effect every part of our lives have been, and continue to be fundamentally shaped by white supremacist ideologies. Hosted by Haymarket Books, moderated by Nisha Bolsey, with Professors Ruha Benjamin and Dorothy Roberts.