Race and Ethnic Studies Research and Pedagogies: Books and Reviews

Transformative Ethnic Studies in Schools: Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Research (2020) by Christine E. Sleeter and Miguel Zavala 

Description: “This timely and compelling book conceptualizes Ethnic Studies not only as a vehicle to transform and revitalize the school curriculum but also as a way to reinvent teaching. Drawing on Sleeter’s research review on the impact of Ethnic Studies commissioned by the National Education Association (NEA), the authors show how the traditional curriculum’s Eurocentric view of the world affects diverse student populations. The text highlights several contemporary exemplars of curricula–from classroom level to district or state-wide–illustrating core concepts in Ethnic Studies across a variety of disciplines and grade levels. A final chapter considers how research on P-12 ethnic studies can be conceptualized and conducted in ways that further both advocacy and program sustainability. “Transformative Ethnic Studies in Schools” is essential reading for educators working to transform schools by rehumanizing learning spaces for all students. The book features: (1) Explores how the traditional curriculum is not ideologically neutral and the effect that has on both students of color and White students; (2) Situates Ethnic Studies within anti-racist movements to decolonize schooling; (3) Illustrates the transformative potential of contemporary Ethnic Studies projects; (4) Draws on the insights of Ethnic Studies teachers, researchers, and activists from across the United States; and (5) Updates and expands on NEA’s synthesis of the research on the academic and social value of Ethnic Studies. [Series foreword by James A. Banks.]”